Zoe Dagless

Chartered Financial Planner, Addidi

Zoe’s passion lies in combining her technical knowledge and experience to help clients create a plan that changes their financial lives. In her eyes, wealth should be something pleasurable, rewarding and even inspiring, so she works hard to make it a reality. 

"My clients find comfort in going through the financial planning process because they are able to set goals, understand how to be tax-efficient and do some cashflow modelling."


How I help women with their money

In my years as a chartered financial planner I have met and advised an abundance of women, from all backgrounds and ages. I spend a lot of time working with my clients to ensure their money is enabling them to enjoy their lives. 

I am particularly focused on my technical knowhow, which tends to lend itself well to problems women face with complex pensions, tax and international planning. I have a lot of clients that have final salary pensions/high earners/high inputs into pension, which can be tricky to handle if you aren’t equipped with qualifications. This is where my skills are of most value.   


Common money issues my clients have

Most women I advise in their 40s have extremely busy work and personal lives resulting in a lot of juggling. This often means their finances becoming their lowest priority. They come to me to delegate, and find comfort in going through the financial planning process because they are able to set goals, understand how to be tax efficient and do some cash flow modelling 

At this stage of life, it is important for most people to get a detailed picture of their ‘here and now', - what do they have and is it working for them, set goals for the future and work on closing the gap between the two.  

When women reach 60 they are more likely to be focused on retirement planning, knowing the number that would signify their comfort point and of course, pensions. In simple terms, these women want to know at what age they can retire and know they don’t have to worry about running out of money. 


My answer to a WTF lady's question

Janeen, 44, asks...

"I’m very curious about how I can save money when I pass away. How can I save on taxes and the minefield of charges my family might have to pay?"

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