Zoe, 41

Zoe has big dreams. One day, she hopes to open a dog-friendly B&B on the coast of Devon. And she may well do it, because Zoe is a dedicated saver – even if the jargon sometimes gets in the way.

My relationship with money: "Safe"

"I try to think about what I spend, whether or not it’s on something I need. I work very hard for my money and I wouldn’t want to risk gambling it away on the stock market. I don’t really understand it enough."

I try to save about 10% of my wages

Stocks and shares go over my head

I'm not alone in worrying about money

My biggest money question...

"I was given some inheritance money and didn’t know what to do with it. My mother-in-law suggested premium bonds and someone else said a cash ISA. Is this the best way to set up a bit of a nest egg?"


Answer by Lesley Mackintosh, Independent Women

First of all, congratulations - it’s great to hear that you’re thinking of saving your inheritance money for your future. 

You haven’t mentioned your age, the inheritance amount, or what is important to you from these new funds – security or growth (or both).  I’ve made a few assumptions based on the fact that you have said ‘nest egg’ – that this is for long term savings, meant to provide you with financial advantage at some point in the future, and a certain amount of security is involved.

First steps...

What are premium bonds and cash ISAs?

What this means for you

Some other options


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