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Robo performance: January 2020 - June 2022

22 July, 2022

The following table displays robo performance data for the 30-month period between January 2020 and June 2022.

  • Portfolios in high, medium and low-risk categories are included.

  • All percentages represent net growth, after charges.

  • For our analysis of this data, please click here.

Robo performance for all risk categories

Key terms explained:


The investment provider that manages your robo/ready-made portfolios.


The suite of investments that are allocated to you by your robo adviser. This will include a mixture of cash, bonds and shares.

Risk Category

There are three main risk categories: low, medium and high, which we assign to each portfolio. For more information, read our analysis.


The net returns, after charges, for the 30-month period starting at the beginning of January 2020 and finishing at the end of June 2022.