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Boring Money Best Buys 2020: our winners revealed and rated

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

26 Feb, 2020

Discover the 2020 winners of: Best Buy ISA / Best Buy Pension / Best for Beginner Investors / Best for Sustainable Investors

Once a year, like clockwork, suits in the pensions and investments industry begin to sweat. Well aware that the customer-friendly gavel of Boring judgement is about to fall, they brace themselves and wonder: “Will we get a Boring Money Best Buy this year?”

The stamp of approval from customers and experts

Our Best Buy awards honour the cream of the investment industry crop, based on a combo of customer ratings and reviews, the opinions of our resident experts, and a boffin-heavy banquet of statistical analysis.

We invest in 30 test accounts with investment platforms and robo advisers, giving us a unique insight into how providers compare across the services they provide. And thanks to readers like you we can include in our assessments over 2,500+ reviews of the providers you use.

Only the very best investment providers get to be a Boring Money Best Buy, and they tend to parade their achievement around like a kid with a Blue Peter badge. Last year we saw the award logo appear in magazine ads, company home pages, and billboards on the underground. Because these providers know what we know: that your opinions matter.

So without any further ado…

Best investment platforms for ISAs and DIY Pensions 2020

Best Buy ISAs 2020

Best Buy Pensions 2020

Why did they win? See the details

- “This year we noted many improved websites and more functional apps in particular. Costs remain an important focus but reader reviews remind us that this is not the sole concern for most investors who also value service, clear English and ease of use.”

Holly Mackay, CEO of Boring Money

New: Best Buys for Beginner Investors and Sustainable Investors

We’re always looking for ways to simplify your options and help you make better choices, so this year we’ve added two new categories to our Best Buys. From now on, if you’re a financial newbie or someone who wants to save the world, we’ve got dedicated Best Buy lists just for you.

Best Buys for Beginner Investors

Why did they win? See the details

Best Buys for Sustainable Investors

Why did they win? See the details

What goes into deciding who wins our Best Buys?

When considering which providers are ‘the best’ we consider multiple factors. From cost structures to call centre answer times, service to communications, comms to apps, we look under every rock so you don’t have to.

You can see how the main parts come together in the diagram below. We won’t get into all the nitty gritty (the spreadsheet alone would take a dissertation to unpack) but you can read up on some of the details .

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